Beautiful beaches in Evia

Armyrichi / Αρμυρίχι


Beautiful beach with crystal green waters in Southern Evia.

It is free campers’ favorite spot and is very crowded at weekends in July-August.

Access: Asphalt road. Starting from Chalkida (north) / Karystos (south) to Mesochoria village follow signs to the beach.

Amenities: Tavern and canteen car.

Limnionas / Λιμνιώνας


Probably the most visited beach for free camping.

Beautiful, as close to Athens as it can get if you are seeking a swim in the Aegean sea. Very crowded at weekends in July-August and occupied by free campers.

Access: Asphalt road. Starting from Chalkida head to Northern Evia to Kontodespoti. The winding road will get you there.

Amenities: Taverns, Toilets, Showers.

Stomio – Cheromylos / Στόμιο – Χερόμυλος


Beautiful beaches side by side

Only a few trees serve for shadow in hot summer days at Stomio beach and a few more at Cheromylos. These are never enough neither for dozens of free campers nor for the visitors’ cars.

Access: Asphalt and 10 min gravel road accessible by 2WD. Starting from Chalkida head to Southern Evia to Karystos. At Krieza turn to Petries – Agious Apostolous and then follow sign to Cheromylos.

Amenities: Canteen car at Cheromylos.


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